akiener/ha_berry/2022-10-02 15:47:07 16991
andrew01144/Tasmota-SomfyRTS/2024-01-13 21:07:58 263212A Berry script to to control Somfy powered blinds using Tasmota.
benjaminnestler/berryTasmotaTuyaDecode/2024-01-12 15:40:07 166811This repo represents the implementation of a Tuya datapoint decoder. The decoded datapoints w...
Beormund/Tasmota32-Berry-Schema-Validator/2022-04-04 16:48:43 140182A berry schema validator similar to json schema validators but with a minimal footprint desig...
Beormund/Tasmota32-Multi-Zone-Heating-Controller/2024-04-22 17:26:19 10550310This is a multi-zone heating controller written in the Berry scripting language designed to r...
blakadder/berry-drivers/2023-11-09 00:08:31 569173Central repository for Berry Tasmota drivers written by me.
blakadder/nspanel/2023-12-12 09:36:02 148721Sonoff NSPanel protocol and hacking information and Tasmota Berry driver.
blakadder/tx-ultimate/2023-07-16 21:29:46 39561Basic Berry driver for Sonoff TX Ultimate touch panel IC CA51F353S3.
botura/ior-tasmota-berry/2022-11-26 01:22:58 74515
brainwagon/tasmota32-mpl3115/2022-02-07 04:49:11 30421A (very) simple I2C driver for the MPL3115 atmospheric pressure sensor for Tasmota32
btsimonh/TasmotaBerryPLay/2023-08-22 08:14:23 412978My experiences with Berry on Tasmota.
CalculationCollective/BECalculator/2023-04-21 11:05:12 5131Download berry from here and run the calculator with it.
casanoe/Tasmota_Berry/2024-01-13 21:24:35 37461
CORDEA/utf32/2022-09-24 06:58:52 46165# utf32
danjperron/microserre/2024-02-18 19:57:54 295118Asservissement de serre intérieure en utilisant un esp32 avec Tasmota et le script Berry
darrylb123/tasmota/2024-02-03 08:22:35 185796# tasmota
darrylb123/wavetank/2024-01-20 06:01:50 76374# wavetank
DetlefR/Tasmota_Berry/2022-09-28 14:32:24 16851Berry scripts for Tasmota ESP32
dgwynne/berry/2024-05-05 03:03:37 121653
dimitrivdw/balboa_GL2001M3_tasmota_berry/2023-03-21 12:09:59 29402Creation of a berry driver for Tasmota to communicate with a Balboa GL 2001 M3 spa controller
dkoneill/millershuffle_berry/2023-10-04 20:41:48 18951This is a port of the
eduardostern/Tasmota-PCF8575-Berry-Driver/2023-06-05 23:50:47 61881Tasmota PCF8575 Module Driver for ESP32 MCU written in Berry
ele-dev/Huawei-PSU-Regulator/2023-10-11 21:23:54 7771Dynamically regulate the power output of a Huawei R4850G2 power supply via CAN interface from...
enesbcs/tasmota-custom-scripts/2024-03-08 15:33:05 396996Scripts and Berry scripts for Tasmota
eokgnah/NSPanel-Nextion/2022-09-22 15:59:09 131583NSPanel Nextion - Tasmota - MQTT - ESP32 - custom HMI
fmtr/haco/2024-03-27 15:25:48 99933haco is a Home Assistant Add-On, and associated Tasmota daemon written in Berry, to greatly s...
fmtr/hct/2023-09-01 17:51:45 6449728:warning: hct is no longer being maintained as it has been replaced by haco .
frickelzeugs/nspanel-frickelui/2022-11-03 22:28:31 106822# nspanel-frickelui
hiperiondev/esp32-berry-lang/2022-10-13 20:54:57 5589358# esp32-berry-lang
Hypfer/ulanzi-tc001-tasmota/2024-03-31 09:30:08 2944414This repository contains a few berry script files that run on my Ulanzi TC001.
iliaan/ulanzi-lab/2023-05-19 20:28:41 4302817Flashing Tasmota firmware on your device may potentially brick or damage the device. It is im...
iotdevicesdev/ggreg20-v3-tasmota-esp32-driver/2023-07-19 17:44:02 29751GGreg20 V3 Ionizing Radiation Detector powered SBM-20 GM tube with Generic ESP32 under Tasmot...
jeroenst/tasmota_scripts/2024-02-13 09:43:53 149764
joBr99/nspanel-lovelace-ui/2024-04-13 12:50:02 386873If you like this project consider buying me a pizza 🍕
JojoS62/princess-be/2022-06-19 19:55:15 26361Some Berry code for a replacement controller for a Princess Smart Fan.
klein0r/nspanel-iobroker/2022-01-18 12:48:41 84211Modified version for ioBroker-Integration
Linkenelis/Berryscripts/2023-02-22 08:57:06 3722013Tasmota Berry scripts for personal use.
Lu-Fi/tasmota-seplos-driver/2023-06-30 16:08:55 190241Driver to connect seplos bms to mqtt
LydByDissing/stroem/2023-02-02 23:13:13 146264The Strøm open source speaker project have been started with the main goal of creating a full...
m-schaeffler/node-red-nspanel/2023-01-29 18:04:03 176472This package provides some constants and utility funtions for a NodeRed integration of a
markusdd/squareline_lvgl_to_berry/2023-12-31 13:20:33 87881A dumb converter to read Squareline Studio LVGL screen C-files and output a berry script usab...
MasterVitronic/berry-intl/2021-03-31 08:57:42 4291berry-intl is a Berry binding library for GNU gettext .
MasterVitronic/berry-libsox/2021-03-22 09:32:20 35072berry-libsox is a Berry binding library for the Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs...
mattestanka/shelly-pro-4pm-v2-ui/2023-11-29 11:52:44 37932This project provides a basic UI for the Shelly Pro 4PM device flashed with Tasmota firmware.
mdaskalov/AnalogClock/2024-03-28 17:35:12 102824Tasmota LVGL smooth moving analog clock written in berry
mdaskalov/DCF77Transmitter/2024-02-16 20:07:11 58322Simulates the DCF77 time code signal on a GPIO pin. It uses PWM with carrier frequency set to...
mdaskalov/shelly-pro-4pm/2023-12-04 20:19:27 49572Basic UI for Shelly Pro 4PM flashed with Tasmota
msx80/FakeA41/2023-04-20 10:49:28 72511Tasmota enabled DIY Replacement for brp069a41 wifi modules on Daikin A/C units.
muvox-io/euphonium/2024-05-08 02:13:52 7584033Highly extensible streaming audio player targeting low cost MCUs like ESP32. Currently under ...
nighthawk321/Home-Assistant/2024-04-07 09:36:09 35871My current set up for my home assistant setup is based on an odroid 2n+ running HASSos and it...
oschick/evcc_tasmota_waterheater/2022-06-09 00:28:17 104211
ouinouin/Berryton/2024-02-04 17:37:30 172811Drive your airton AC unit from mqtt with an ESP32 module flashed with tasmota and this berry ...
paddy0489/doxybe/2023-12-18 20:26:06 18331
peepshow-21/ns-flash/2022-11-14 10:12:12 152031Once you have installed Tasmota using the guide here;
poggenpower/tasmota-berry-shutter/2024-01-14 01:01:15 52932Small sample to trigger other shutters by controlling the main shutter.
RalfJL/Irrigation/2023-03-05 17:47:39 77872Irrigation system based on Tasmota
raspberrypisig/dollhousecode/2023-01-27 07:34:37 10402# dollhousecode
rbelles/Emporia-vue-2-local/2023-05-25 15:58:38 58331This is my work on a Tasmota driver for the emporia vue 2 energy monitor allowing you to moni...
RPJacobs/CB19-GATE-CONTROL-SYSTEM/2024-04-04 12:45:57 59241Removing my TMT CHOW remote gate control, because it connects to an external server (security...
s-hadinger/Tasmota-Berry-emulator/2023-12-22 18:26:05 5427917This project is part of the Tasmota project. Since end of 2023, Tasmota introduced an
smhc/catflap.esp32/2024-01-07 00:29:13 67904Cat flap driven by Tasmota on ESP32
Staars/berry-examples/2024-05-16 21:50:04 13513221Some snippets and small examples for Berry on Tasmota - mostly using BLE.
sushantr5/EZIE/2024-02-25 11:15:13 112952Configuration and Source for EZIE Devices
SvenMb/HASPmota_example/2023-02-21 13:29:46 238964This small demo shows how to use the AZ-Touch Mode case, which integrates a ESP32-Devkit, a I...
Swyter/tasmota32-berry-timer-interval/2024-03-31 07:11:32 95642
tasmota/Berry_playground/2024-01-07 00:49:45 212938This repo and the corresponding discussions have been created to help Tasmota Berry code deve...
toaster-code/pip_my_levoit/2023-01-02 16:46:47 142251A project to pimp up the Levoit LV-H131s with an ESP32 flashed with Tasmota.
TomsTek/tasmota-berry-TMP117-driver/2023-10-10 22:20:59 36171TMP117 sensor driver for use in tasmota32 written in berry-scripting-language
tony-fav/tasmota-blerry/2023-11-22 06:57:42 15090949Here's an intro video by @digiblur to get an idea of the how and why! HOWEVER, setup has chan...
trlafleur/Flow-Sensor-Tasmota/2023-12-15 18:40:07 47911See:
trlafleur/Tasmota-Tank-Sensor/2022-03-14 18:39:40 251114Tasmota-Berry Tank Sensor for fuel-oil volume measurement using a VL53L1X or SR04 sensor
trlafleur/Tasmota_Seeburg_3WA_3W1_Decoder/2023-10-02 01:31:28 536795For many years now, I have had a working Seeburg 3WA-200 in my kid's den, connected to an iPod.
wjohn007/Berry-DallasTemperature/2024-01-25 09:48:30 4189113A Berry application for DS18B20 temperature sensors
wjohn007/Berry-ExtSensor/2024-01-20 21:04:22 3001910A Berry example application for including sensors of remote Tasmota controllers.
wjohn007/Berry-UdpBroker/2024-03-23 12:06:19 277689A lightweight messaging solution for Tasmota devices.
Xila-Project/Berry_REPL/2023-05-20 19:07:02 39701A simple R.E.P.L. for Xila and
Xila-Project/Berry_Software_Template/2023-05-19 23:48:29 4171This repository is a template for Xila berry software .
Xila-Project/Calculator/2023-05-31 01:35:49 120641
Xila-Project/Clock/2023-05-22 23:40:59 113971This software is a simple clock (clock, timer, stopwatch) written in Berry.
Xila-Project/Music_Player/2023-05-31 01:38:27 64071A simple music player written in Berry for Xila that can play WAV and MP3 files from the SD c...
Xila-Project/Rangefinder/2023-06-01 01:04:33 59551This is a simple rangefinder software for Xila and
Xila-Project/Weather/2023-05-31 01:26:35 58731This is a simple weather software for Xila (Berry). It uses the OpenWeatherMap API to get the...
yjambu69/Tasmota32-remora/2022-11-11 10:14:30 371166Application écrit en berry pour le gestionnaire de fil pilote remora fonctionnant sur firmwar...
yves-jose/EDF-Tempo-EJP/2024-01-17 15:54:25 84364Attention : DEVELOPPEMENT EN COURS